Small Inside Pipe Cutter

1 1/2″ (36mm) EzyGrind Small Inside Pipe Cutter with Diamond Blade.
Cuts PVC, HDPE, ABS Pipe and Concrete.
Suitable for DWV 40-65mm, HDPE 50-75mm, HD PVC 50-80mm. Delivers stabilized, precise and clean cut from the inside.

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EzyGrind is the safest and fastest way to cut PVC and HDPE pipes (sizes from 40-150mm) at or below floor level. Especially suited to concrete slab construction, and difficult to access areas. EzyGrind small inside pipe cutter will produce a clean professional finish with just one cutting action. 7mm hex shank. Fits all drill chucks

  • 7mm hex shank. Fits all drill chucks
  • Cuts 3 times faster than a grinder.
  • Replaceable diamond blade
  • Includes two cutting guides for controlled cutting depth, white for standard PVC and black for HDPE pipes

No grinder needed!

It works by using a power drill, inserting the tool inside the pipe and cutting from the inside.

EzyGrind is the safest way to cut pipes. Using an angle grinder will cause potential safety problems.

Many state governments recommend using an alternative to an angle grinder wherever possible. EzyGrind is your best choice.

36mm 40-165mm 50-80mm


Diamond Blades

Small PVC Pipe Cutter BEST FOR CUTTING INSIDE 1-1/2″ – 3″ PVC PIPE / SCHEDULE 40 Replacement 36MM Diamond Blade For Inside Pipe Cutter


1 1/2″ (36mm) EzyGrind Small Diamond Blades

36mm Diameter – Diamond particle

Nickel plated – Steel body

Suits small EzyGrind inside pipe cutter

Cuts PVC, HDPE, ABS pipe and concrete

how does Ezygrind inside pipe cutter worksThe small EzyGrind inside pipe cutter is the safest and most advanced internal pipe cutter you can get today. EzyGrind cuts pipe from the inside 3X faster than its nearest rival. Featuring an independent guide wheel that gives you maximum blade control, zero tolerance for precise cutting, low friction, and reduced vibration. Plus, the custom-designed high-speed diamond blade will easily cut your PVC, HDPE, ABS pipe and concrete with minimal effort. Each internal pipe cutter includes 1 free extra guide wheel option. As a result, you get exact depths of cut within the pipe wall and maintain a longer blade life.


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