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How Do You Cut PVC Pipes When They Are Sticking Out Of The Ground?

Cutting your PVC pipe to size is super easy to do before it’s installed in place.

It’s simply a case of:

  1. Measuring the size of pipe you need,
  2. Setting it in your clamp or miter box,
  3. Then using your hacksaw, pipe cutters, or electric miter saw to cut it down to size and smooth out the edges of the PVC pipe.

You can then get rid of any burrs or rough areas before installing the pipe in place.

But what about when the PVC piping that you need to cut is already installed and is sticking out of the ground?

How do you go about cutting or beveling PVC pipe that’s stuck out of the ground or are in tight places you can’t get your hacksaw?

This can be a tricky situation to be in. Even in areas where you’re able to get your hacksaw out, this can be a dangerous situation when trying to hack away at the PVC pipe.

How are you meant to cut PVC pipe that’s sticking up out of the ground in a tight corner?

A PVC Pipe Sticking out of the ground in a tight space

That’s the trick that we are going to cover for you today!

By the end of this article, you will know everything you need to know about cutting PVC pipes that are sticking out of the ground. Let’s get into it!

How To Cut PVC Pipes That Stick Out Of The Ground

Luckily, you have come to the perfect place to find a solution to your problem!

Available on our website is an ingenious tool that allows you to easily cut PVC pipes that are sticking out of the ground. Let’s take a deeper look at this tool now!

The EzyGrind range of pipe-cutting devices is truly top of the range when it comes to cutting through exposed pipes that are mostly submerged into the ground or the wall. 

These devices not only make it much easier to cut through exposed pipes but they also do it in record time.

Where standard pipe cutting tools may require multiple minutes of uncomfortable and laborious cutting that can very easily go awry, the EzyGrind does it in mere moments and is able to provide an extremely clean cut that preserves the appearance and structural integrity of the pipe.

The EzyGrind PVC pipe cutter also comes in two distinct sizes, so you can easily cater your experience of the tool to the size and type of pipe that you are cutting.

The smallest of the two is the 11/2” diameter model, while the largest is the 3 ⅛” tool. This set of tool size options makes it easy to cater to your experience of the tool as you see fit.

The EzyGrind Guide Wheel

Cutting into the pipes is also made much easier thanks to the inclusion of the EzyGrind guide wheel which is built into the construction of the tool.

Faster Cutting

How Do You Cut PVC Pipes When They Are Sticking Out Of The Ground (1)

This circular saw, which includes multiple bearings, allows the tool to rest against the pipe wall and stabilize the cutting tool, which in turn means that it is able to make short work of pipes in record times, better than any other pipe cutter out there.

Cleaner Cutting

The guide wheel also helps to ensure a very easy and much cleaner cut. This means that you can ensure that your piping still looks perfect even after using the tool.

The smooth cut also helps to make the act of cutting much less laborious.

How Do You Use The EzyGrind Pipe Cutting Tool?

Luckily, using the Ezygrind pipe cutting tool is incredibly easy, and true to the name of the device itself.

Simply grab the tool, attach the correct cutting saw blade, and then slowly insert it into the pipe, being sure to maintain a strong and comfortable grip.

This will keep you from straining, ensuring a much cleaner cut.

Begin Cutting

Allow the pipe cutter to begin spinning, and then carefully push it against the wall of the pipe, around where you want to cut.

You will need to press quite firmly, so you will want to make sure that you are comfortable maintaining that firm push. 

Once the device begins cutting, hold the tool parallel to the pipe, as this helps to ensure a totally perfect cut throughout.

While holding the tool parallel, simply begin moving it around in a clockwise direction.

Keep applying pressure, while also keeping the device moving, and keeping it parallel until you complete a full circle and the cut is complete.

It’s as simple as that. The EzyGrind tool is able to do this job far quicker than any other tool on the market, making it a perfect option.

How Else Can You Cut PVC Pipes Sticking Out Of The Ground?

There are also a number of other tools that you can use to cut a PVC pipe sticking out of the ground. These are good options for those who cannot afford to buy a PVC cutter.

PVS Wire Saw

One of the best is a wire saw, which is a little-known tool of the plumbing trade. PVC wire saws are long metal wires with handles on both ends.

It is easy to wrap these around the side of the pipe, and then all you need to do is firmly grip the handles and create a sawing motion. 

Wire saws are great because they ensure a clean cut.

Nylon String

Another great tool you can use if you don’t have access to a wire saw is nylon string.

You can wrap nylon string around the pipe in the same way as a wire saw, and then simply use friction to create heat which allows the string to cut through the PVC.

To Wrap Up

There we have it!

Those are just a few of the ways that you can make cutting your PVC pipes much easier, even when they are in awkward positions, such as lightly poking out of the ground. 

We totally recommend using an EzyGrind pipe cutting tool for the best results, but you can also make use of wire saws or nylon string to ensure a clean and even cut of the pipe, while accommodating for an awkward angle



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