Ezygrind Pipe Cutter. Cut pipes with precision from the inside. Save time and money.

Dedicated to keeping our users safe and productive all the time.

We have taken the time to design inside pipe cutting tools that will allow you to cut pipes from the within. Enabling our users to deliver their services more efficiently. Trusted by most plumbers, artisans and  tradesmen all over the world.

Clean and Precise Cutting of PVC pipes below Concrete

Unlike any of our competition Ezygrind inside pipe cutter has been constructed to get the job done. It is not in any way, a generic tool that you can find anywhere.
Ezygrind's inside pipe cutting tools has been repeatedly tested to deliver precision and efficiency. Our tools leaves our competition miles behind. We have painstakingly engineered a tool that will give you fast and clean cut inside PVC pipes. Truly, a must-have tool for any craftsman, DIYer's, tradesman and most especially plumbers of all kinds.

"The EzyGrind Inside Pipe Cutter is the fastest, safest and easiest to use internal pipe cutter plumbing tool available today. 

Specifically designed to cut PVC, HDPE, and ABS pipe from the inside and is especially suited to concrete slab construction. With 2 sizes available, the internal pipe cutter comes with a 1 1/2" (36mm) or 3 1/8" (80mm) cutting blade for cutting 1 ½” - 6” (40mm - 150mm) diameter, schedule 40 pipe. The quick change shaft allows the plumbing tool to attach in seconds for instant cutting action"

"EzyGrind is an easy to use tool, quick attachment to drill, very handy for cutting below concrete level, saves cutting around the floor and cutting concrete and everything"

Video: How do we stack with our competition?

How does it work?

Just insert the hex shank in any power drill chuck, choose one of two cutting guides for the correct pipe thickness, insert TigerFish Tools EzyGrind into the pipe and let the cutting blade cut from the inside out!

The EzyGrind internal pipe cutter requires the blade and the guide wheel to work together.

 When these two features are used in combination the plumbing tool becomes an exceptional industrial pipe cutter. Suitable for almost every commercial and domestic application.

The guide wheel does the stabilizing and guiding whilst the blade gets on with the cutting. These are features of EzyGrinds patented design that are uniquely-crafter and important for that perfect cut inside a small or large PVC pipe.

"The guide wheel is a dry running self-lubricating bearing that delivers up to 6X faster-cutting power at a controlled depth and with significantly reduced tool vibration. It leaves a clean professional finish completed in just one single cutting action! Since it cuts from the inside of the pipe out, there is no need to worry about what is outside of the pipe. It is quick to setup, easy to use and back in the toolbox faster than any other method available today!"