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How To Repair PVC Pipe In The Ground

Common Reasons For Leaks In Your PVC Pipes

There are many reasons that your polyvinyl chloride pipes may need some repairs. These include:

  • Problems with installation. If the PVC pipes were not fit well in the first place, a leak can occur. This usually happens at the joint.
  • Poor choice of adhesive glue. It is important to ensure that you are using the right glue to make sure that it doesn’t deteriorate too quickly. Over time you will need to repair this anyway because a temporary fix won’t last forever.
  • PVC pipes often become more breakable and damaged during the cold weather. This is especially true if your pipes end up freezing. In order to avoid this, ensure that you insulate your pipes.

Ways To Repair PVC Pipe In The Ground


You can repair PVC pipe in the ground using epoxy putty.

This is a very quick and painless way to repair leaks in PVC piping. First, you should locate the location of the problem.

Next, you will need to turn off the water supply because you need to be working on a completely dry area for the epoxy to take.

Some epoxy are already mixed and you simply need to apply them to the pipe.

Others are more complicated and will need to be mixed according to the instructions. Learn about connecting PEX to PVC for proper installation.

Make sure to start by applying a PVC primer solvent first to encourage adhesion.

Resin Tape

Fiberglass resin tape is a temporary repair to tide you over until you get around to repairing it properly – or getting a plumber in!

This tape will slow down the damage. All you have to do is clean the pipe and wrap the tape around the leak.

Repair tape adheres directly to the exposed PVC pipe and then will harden within 15 minutes.

Rubber Repair Tape

If the leak is very small, a rubber and silicone tape is a good solution for repairing a PVC tube.

You just need to wrap the rubber tape around the leak and let it stick together itself. Rubber and silicone repair tape is also an inexpensive way to support the existing PVC pipe.

Make sure that you are generous with this and that you cover the whole area. While this isn’t a permanent repair for PVC leaks, it’s still a good temporary fix.


Sometimes, it is not enough to try and repair the damage caused by the leak.

If the area is too damaged, you should replace this damaged section with a new PVC pipe.

Make sure that you turn off the water supply before you do this!

If you need to replace a damaged section of PVC pipe, you can learn how to connect an outside water faucet to PVC pipe by following our guide.

Can PVC Pipes Break Underground?

Can PVC Pipes Break Underground?

PVC pipes do not last forever so they will always have to be repaired or replaced underground.

These pipes can get damaged by general wear and tear and deterioration through age.

As well as this, the pipes may be hit by debris and rocks which can cause damage to the PVC pipes.

While PVC pipes can withstand a lot of weight, often the soil movement is a little bit too much.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair?

The answer to this question will depend greatly on the way in which you choose to repair the leak, as well as the nature of it.

Repairs that need you to dig deep underground, remove the existing pipe and replace it with an entirely new one will end up costing you a lot more than some other types of repair.

If you are able to do it yourself using epoxy, then it will be a very cheap repair.

How Do You Know If A Pipe Is Leaking Underground?

Underground leaks can be very difficult to diagnose. There are some warning signs that indicate a leaking pipe.

For instance, if you notice a decrease in the water pressure in your house, then it is likely due to a leak.

As well as this, if your pipes go underneath your lawn, any changes to one area of grass could be the area that the leak is.

Similarly, if the pipes go underneath pavement, the pavement may crack due to a leak.

As well as this, if you see an increase in your water bill, presuming that it is due to a leak is a very likely outcome.

How Do You Know It Isn’t A Sewer Issue?

The problem that you are facing could be to do with a sewer instead.

If you suspect this to be the problem, you will need an inspector to come and do a sewer scope to see how you feel then.

How Long Can PVC Pipes Last?

PVC pipes are expected to last up to 100 years. There is little evidence that these pipes experience severe degradation over time.

Instead, it is more to do with what is happening to the PVC pipes underground.

If they are being hit by debris often, then they will not last as long.

Will My Insurance Cover My Water Pipes?

Usually, if it is just caused by general wear and tear, the insurance will not cover any repairs on the water pipes.

This is unless there isn’t an accident that leads to problems with your water.

Are Outside Leaks My Responsibility?

Underground leaks are the responsibility of the owner of the property.

When you buy a property, you are responsible for the maintenance of the property which includes all the pipes that run inside and outside your home.

However, while it is your responsibility to get this problem fixed, you don’t have to do it yourself.

If you aren’t sure, it is always best to get a plumber out to help you.

If the leak is in your neighbor’s garden, it is their responsibility to sort out the leak as it is on their property.

This is the case even if the pipe serves your house.

Final Thoughts

It is a very stressful moment when you notice a leak or a burst pipe in your plumbing system.

While it is something that everyone wants to avoid, it happens to everyone, so we should ensure that we know what to do when it does happen.

Now you have lots of information about how to repair PVC piping in the ground, get started!

Remember to call in a plumber if you are not too confident and end up needing some help!


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