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How Can I Cut PVC Piping At Home Without Any Tools?

Whenever you face a scenario where you are required to cut PVC pipe, you will always need to ensure that you are using something that is incredibly sharp.

If you do not have any specific cutting tools in your household, then you should look for a blade that is sharp and large in size.

Attempting to cut a PVC pipe without a PVC pipe cutter is pretty much futile. However, there are some alternative methods that will enable you to cut a PVC pipe without a blade. 

If you do not have access to saws (such as miter saws) in your household, you may want to explore cutting a PVC pipe without a proper pipe cutter.

How To Cut PVC Piping Using Cotton String

Cutting PVC piping using string is incredibly easy to do. All you need to do is to mark the specific area where you wish to cut your PVC, then follow this process.

A kite string or nylon string will also work effectively in this instance.

  1. Select a strong, white, cotton string. There are numerous types of string available to purchase. However, it is the white string that will cut through PVC effectively. You will need to ensure that you are selecting the white string because it derives directly from its material source. There is also no additional element added to white string, and thus, it is the strongest variety of string. 
  2. Next, attach metal rings on both sides of your white string in order to form loops on the side. These side loops may harm your hands whilst you are cutting the pipe, thus, it is better to ensure that you also attach metal rings in order to avoid unwanted pain and accidents. Asides from this, using metal rings will also ensure that you have a smoother and firmer grip, so that you can use it efficiently and comfortably. 
  3. Wrap your PVC piping with the sting. You should ensure that you have covered at least half of the PVC pipe with your white string. This will ensure that you are easily and swiftly able to cut the piping. Also, make sure to secure the pipe firmly to hold it in place.
  4. Move your string in a back and forth motion in a sawing motion onto your PVC pipe. This way, you will be able to cut the piping in no time at all. You should ensure that you continue this motion until the entire pipe has been cut. If you are cutting a thicker pipe, then it may take longer to cut. However, you should not become disheartened. Keeping a consistent pace will undoubtedly cut the whole pipe into two pieces eventually. 
  5. Smooth the pipe’s edges using sandpaper. This is important to do after you have managed to efficiently cut your pipe into two pieces. Take your sandpaper and rub each edge with it. You should continue this motion until you have sanded the entire area into a smooth texture. 
How Can I Cut PVC Piping At Home Without Any Tools?

You will then have a PVC pipe that has been cut using nothing more than white, cotton string.

Whilst this plastic pipe cutter method may take longer than using a regular saw, it will still be able to cut the pipe in any situation where you do not have direct access to a blade.

This is a cheap, easy, and viable method to actualize your goal and continue your working process without having to purchase PVC pipe cutters.

There will be instances that you will be unable to cut through PVC piping using this method, this usually occurs if your PVC piping is incredibly thick.

In this instance, you will need to access these tools and implement the following methods:

How Do I Cut PVC Piping Using A Miter Saw?

You can easily cut PVC piping using a miter saw. All that is required is that you measure the pipe accurately using a measurement tape beforehand.

Then, you will need to mark the specific area that you wish to cut before securing the piping using a miter saw table.

You should always avoid using your hands to hold the pipe in place, in this instance.

Then, you should gradually bring down your saw blade onto the pipe into order to cut through it in the appropriate place.

This cutting process normally only takes a number of seconds to complete and will provide you with a sandpaper-free yet undoubtedly smooth finish. 

What Is The Best Tool To Use To Cut PVC Piping?

If you have access to tools, then you will be able to cut your PVC piping almost instantly. The best tool to use in order to cut PVC piping is a hacksaw.

Hacksaws are incredibly versatile and will enable you to cut your piping in every way possible, using a variety of patterns.

This method will only take a matter of seconds in order to cut your piping according to the appropriate diameter and size of the pipe itself.

Therefore, whenever you need to cut a PVC pipe, you should try to access a hacksaw prior to using white string as this will give you the quickest and cleanest results. 


To conclude, it is entirely possible to cut PVC piping at home by using white string. However, you will not be able to cut PVC piping efficiently by using another form of string.

This is because white string derives straight from its material and is therefore far sturdier than other forms of string.

You will also need to ensure that you tie two loops at either end of the string and attach metal loops where possible in order to avoid harming your hands during the process of cutting your PVC pipe using this method. 

Whilst it is entirely possible to use white string to cut PVC piping effectively, especially if you have sandpaper available to sand down your edges thereafter, it is always recommended that you use a hacksaw or similar blade in order to cut through PVC piping cleanly and quickly. 


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