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Can You Glue ABS To PVC?

ABS, like PVC, is a type of plastic that is used to vent pipes in homes, for waste, and for drain.

Most of the time, a plumber will only use one of these plastics, and never both together. 

This is because all of the connections are made simpler, the plumber will only need to use one type of glue made specifically for ABS or PVC, etc. 

However, many people are left wondering if there is a way to use the two together, if there is a way to glue ABS to PVC? 

In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about gluing ABS to PVC. So, if this is of interest to you, then read on for more!

Is it possible to glue ABS to PVC?

Generally, no. It is not a good idea to glue ABS plastic to PVC. This is because it can get messy and be difficult for a plumber to deal with. There is an exception, however.

Additionally, in the MN plumbing code, it states that any surfaces that need to be joined are free of moisture, dirt, oil, and other types of foreign material.

Once you are sure that the surfaces are clean, then you need to ensure the solvent cement is compliant with ASTM D 2235, and this needs to be applied to all of the surfaces that are joined.

To summarize, the MN plumbing code states that ABS can be glued to something that meets the standard of ASTM D 2235.  This is the standard for ABS cement. 

Then, section 705.6.2 of the plumbing code regarding PVC, states that after surfaces are cleaned a purple PVC primer can be applied to all surfaces that are joined.

This, of course, can only happen if the primer is in compliance with ASTM F656. 

So, this means that provided you have the correct purple primer, you can actually glue PVC! Of course, the glue will need to meet the solvent cement PVC standard, ASTM D 2564. 

However, does that mean there is an exception to the rule of gluing ABS and PVC together? 

Well, in section 705.10.2 of the MN plumbing code, it states that approved transition fittings or a listed adapter will be needed for when you want to connect one kind of plastic pipe to another kind of plastic. 

In other words, this means that if you want to connect a PVC pipe to an ABS pipe, then you will need either fittings or an adapter to be able to do it successfully.

This is the only way you will be able to connect the two types of plastic together. 

Can You Connect ABS To PVC Cement?

Can You Glue ABS To PVC?

In theory, you will be able to connect PVC cement and ABS together. You can do this by using PVC transition green cement that can be purchased at a variety of hardware stores. 

However, the issue lies in the standard. By researching the technical specifications for your respective green cement, then it should meet D 3138, an ASTM standard. 

However, on the ASTM website it states that cementing PVC and ABS transition joints is intended for use only for non-pressure applications.

For example, joining a PVC sewer system and an ABS building drain. 

So, green cement is not intended to be an all-purpose solution to connecting all kinds of ABS and PVC piping materials, and it is also not a cement that can be used generically for either type of plastic. 

In other words, green cement is only supposed to connect PVC systems and ABS systems, like the aforementioned drain system, or a drain system made from ABS inside a home that connects to a drain system made from PVC outside of the home. 

What If PVC And ABS Are Already Cemented Together?

If you notice that ABS and PVC have already been connected in your home then do not panic.

This should not have been done, but it is not a huge cause for concern. It is rare that you will find a failure or run into problems with a connection point like this. 

All it means is that the installation in your house is incorrect, and that you may run into problems in the future. Although, it is not necessary to rip the system apart and rebuild it. 

Is It Possible To Use PVC Glue On ABS? 

PVC glue is a sticky glue of excellent quality that is mainly used for PVC surfaces and pipes with the purpose of helping them to connect to different PVC pipes. 

PVC glue works for PVC pipes, but it is not suitable to use on anything made with ABS.

Of course, this does happen, but PVC glue has the potential to damage the entire structure of the ABS product, which may cause it to become unsafe. 

If you want to use glue for connecting ABS products, then you should find ABS glue, especially for ABS pipes.

Learn about connecting PEX to PVC for proper installation

This ensures that the ABS surface maintains its structure, is durable, and above all else, safe. 

The two types of glues have different properties that mean they are better suited for their respective plastic.

For example, ABS glue is more heat resistant than PVC glue, while PVC glue is more water-resistant. 

Additionally, it is important to note that as well as not being able to use PVC glue on ABS, you cannot use PVC cement on ABS.

This will not be an effective solution and may run into problems in the future. 

Final Thoughts 

So, there you have it! ABS and PVC should not be glued together.

This is because they are two different types of plastic, so problems may be caused further down the line depending on the type of glue you used, etc.

The same can be said for PVC cement and PVC glue and ABS.

However, there is an exception to this rule. If you want to connect PVC and ABS, then you will need either fittings or an adapter to be able to do it successfully. 

Discover alternative methods to connect PVC pipes without using glue.

We hope this article told you all you needed to know about glueing ABS to PVC.


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